Friday, December 19, 2008

South African born singer / songwriter / actor, Gerschweyn Matthews is currently recording his debut album in the USA after having released "Letter to Tom Cruise," a controversial track and musical short. Matthews recently did an interview with 5FM, one of South Africa's biggest radio station networks, about his career and life in the USA. He is scheduled to appear on The Tyson Eberly Show, Austin Texas USA on 7th January 2009. Matthews will be talking about his career and his interesting views on Religion and it's place within modern society. He holds a bachelor degree with majors in History of Religions and Analytical Philosophy. Matthews also has a few USA based film roles in the pipes... details on which will be announced soon. Check the Gerschweyn Matthews Official blog on a regular bases for more details. Aslo show your support for kids in distress by viewing "Letter to Tom Cruise" on Youtube as many time as you can... feel free to leave a comment.

"The Problem with Picasso" is a documentary being shot by Austin based indie film director Paul Seeds. His film seeks to document the "Letter to Tom Cruise" hype and the production of Gerschweyn Matthews' album set for release in Spring 2009. The album seeks to chronicle the heart wrenching experiences of a 6 year old boy struggling to come to terms with the suicide of his father. The boy, nicknamed Picasso blames a famous actor, Tom Cruise and Scientology for the untimely death of his dad. Together the child and his therapist work through a series of dark and disturbing psychoanalytical sessions so as to uncover the reasoning behind Picasso's bizarre claim.

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