Friday, December 19, 2008

Gerschweyn Matthews recently released his debut track and musical short called, "Letter to Tom Cruise." The controversial piece tells of the heart wrenching experience of a 6 year old boy struggling to come to terms with the suicide of his father. The boy, nicknamed Picasso blames the famous actor Tom Cruise and Scientology for the untimely death of his dad. Together, child and his therapist work through a series of dark and disturbing psychoanalytical sessions so as to uncover the reasoning behind Picasso's bizarre claim. Gerschweyn Matthews' highly controversial first single "Letter to Tom Cruise" sports a quirky music video which presents Picasso's "pathology" in the form of drawings done during psychoanalyzes. Have a look at what the "hype" is all all about and feel free to post some commentary.

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