Thursday, February 17, 2011

Catholic Community Services of Utah Aid Program - Please Help!

Great Refugee Aid Program based out of Salt Lake City Utah. Please do visit the main site and help in any way possible. I think it not right to suffer due to unfortunate location. -Please Visit;
I am sure you all agree with the principles of such a cause, religious or not.

Love and Respect!
p.s. Photo Courtesy of Keith Johnson / Deseret News

Monday, February 14, 2011

Break From Music and Film Work.

Thanks to all I've befriended and worked with Austin Texas and across the whole of America. My life is richer due to all of you and hope to be able to stay in contact with everyone dear to me. It regrets me to inform you guys that I'm taking a break from music and film work so as to concentrate on my personal life both home and abroad. I assure you guys that I will resume work on current projects in due time.

Love and Respect;