Monday, May 24, 2010

The Surgeon's Photograph Pre-Production Information.

Irina Zhekova is the brilliant song writer behind Olivier Derivier's "Alone in The Dark" score for Atari. She is currently based in France and Bulgaria and does great work as a singer-songwriter, dancer and guitarist. I am very happy and humbled by the opportunity to work with Irina on my 2nd AFP called "The Surgeon's Photograph."

Also included in this project is Argentinian Film Composer, David Portugheis. Based in Buenos Aires, David does amazing work and I'm just as humbled about working with him on TSP.

Tentatively, production on "TSP" starts later this year with American Remodernist Cinema Pioneer Jesse Richards directing the accompanying short film. Jesse Richards is a God! More information on "TSP" and these brilliant artists to follow!


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Die Probleem met Picasso Relaunch.

"Die Probleem met Picasso" will be relaunched in June of 2010. The "Revisting a Wolf Slain Edition" features 4 new tracks and remastering of the original collection. Thanks for all the support and for being so patient. I hope that you all will enjoy "Die Probleem met Picasso - Revisting a Wolf Slain Edition," which will be made available in pressed and digital renditions.

Gerschweyn Matthews

Monday, May 3, 2010

"Die Gehiem" - Video Shoot Behind the Scenes.

Thanks Casting Director Nikye Pennington, cast and crew, Paul, Tania and Danie van den Berg for a great shoot! You guys are going to make'm cry! Thank you once again and I love you guys! Baby Keller; you were great in your Karate Gab! Thanks once again to the whole team. I love you guys!

Gerschweyn Matthews