Monday, December 14, 2009

Die Probleem met Picasso Available Now on Itunes!

Gerschweyn Matthews' Die Probleem met Picasso now Available on Itunes!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthew's "Die Probleem met Picasso" OUT NOW!

Gerschweyn Matthews | Die Probleem met Picasso | CD Baby
Listen to and buy Gerschweyn Matthews music on CD Baby. Download Die Probleem met Picasso by Gerschweyn Matthews on the independent record store by musicians for musicians.

Monday, November 16, 2009

"Strategies of Retribution" Debuts on Tyson TV. 18th November 2009!

"Die Probleem met Picasso" is set for Internet Release in November 2009! Digital Down Loads - CD Baby and Itunes. Second lead single, "Strategies of Retribution Regarding Devil Worship in the New World" debuts on Tyson TV. and Austin Channel 10 at 10pm 18th November 2009. Thanks every one very much for all the interest and support...hope you guys enjoy the new music!
Gerschweyn Matthews

Monday, November 9, 2009

Strategies of Retribution Video Shoot Pics!

"Strategies of Retribution" video shoot went well and is set for release along side "Die Probleem met Picasso" on November 18th 2009. Thanks so much every one on board, awesome two days!

Gerschweyn Matthews

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Film Director Stephen Huff and Sound Designer Jason Magnuson Win Big - "Lamb!"

Film director Stephen Huff's latest film recently won best Short Film at a Hollywood Film Festival. Well done Stephen, "Lamb" is absolutely brilliant! Record producer / folk musician and audio design wiz, Jason Magnuson did sound design on the film. Magnuson is a former Media Tech student and I have the privilege of working with him and producer DJ Pennington on “Die Probleem met Picasso.” Congrats Jason!

Gerschweyn Matthews

Monday, October 5, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews' "Letter to Tom Cruise" Short Listed for New York Film and Video Festival!

Gerschweyn Matthews' Letter to Tom Cruise recently got short listed for the The International New York Film and Video Festival. The Fall sessions resume on 22 October 2009. Los Angeles Spring Sessions commence in early spring next year 2010. Keep checking in with this official blog for more info.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews Interview for / with South African Press

Gerschweyn Matthews talks about the Picasso Project in this interview with South African fans and media. In this clip Gerschweyn speaks "Afrikaans," his first language and one of the 11 official languages of his home counrty, South Africa. Be sure to visit Gerschweyn Matthews on Facebook for more info on "Die Probleem met Picasso."

St. Augustine Latin Mass Choir Pulls Out!

The St. Augustine Latin Mass Choir in Austin will sadly no longer feature on one of Gerschweyn Matthews' "Die Probleem met Picasso" tracks. After leghthy discussions with the Church and it's Choral director Mrs. Babara Manson, St. Marry decided to rather not participate in the singers project due to it's some what controversial nature. Matthews wish to thank the Church and Choir Director Babara Manson for their consideration and piety. Gerschweyn Matthews' "Die Probleem met picasso album and film project is set for release towards the end of the 2009. Keep checking in with the singers' official blogs and mini sites for more info.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews and DJ Pennington Scores Gaia Farnam's The Soul Remains - a Truimph for Fusion Theater and Metaphysical Thought!

Gaia Farnam’s The Soul Remains Premieres - Blue Theater Austin Texas. Playwright, director and visual artist extraordinaire Gaia Farnam’s long awaited new work, The Soul Remains opened on the 7th of August 2009 at the Blue Theater in Austin Texas, USA. The piece is a fusion of film, dance, spoken word and music and seeks to explore the human experience of loss , love and eastern philosophy. Gaia and her team very intelligently yet movingly explores the reality of the lead characters as they try to figure out the meaning behind human loss and with the innovative use of the space, the small team indeed succeeds in pulling off a potentially very influential piece in modern fusion theater. The cast of relative new comers to the genre are indeed in a league of there own, acting blindly along side a beautifully shot 40 minute film regarding the subject matter… without having the film interrupt or detract from their poised, brave and commanding performances. The fact that the audience somewhat ignores the eye candy which is film, through most of the production is a testament to the skill and craft of the cast and Gaia formidable skill as a director. Gerschweyn Matthews and composer partner DJ Pennington scored the music for the production which is a triumph on to it self. Never over bearing or interfering with the work of the actors and dancers on stage it rather moves the pace and mood along and accentuates the delicate nature of the subject matter. In short the piece is a gorgeous ode to the human experiences and should be seen by all individuals interested in the subject matter. For more info on “The Soul Remains, “ visit the productions official web page at;

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Making Of "Die Probleem met Picasso" Compact Site Launched!

Gerschweyn Matthews Official recently launched a new compact site documenting the making of "Die Probleem met Picasso." Visit the site for up to date info on the singer and this experimental film and music project. Visit;

Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Gerschweyn Matthews Mini-Site Launched!

Gerschweyn Matthews Official recently published a new mini-site with info on the singer and his "Die Probleem met Picasso" music and film Project. Visit;

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews Short Film in Production and Collaboration with SA Legend, Coenie de Villiers in development!

Matthews' "Die Probleem met Picasso" is taking shape as the singer and his production team are finishing off the music production side of the project. Production on the short film with the same title as the album is commencing on 1 August of 2009. " The film section takes over the role of the music video element. I have opted to rather shoot the video elements in a short film format so as to add to the cinematic feel of the music." Gerschweyn and his management are also in talks with South African Music Legend, Coenie de Villiers regarding a possible collaboration on Matthews' project. Keep checking this official blog for more info and further developments.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews - Die Probleem met Picasso - Trailer

Production on Gerscheyn Matthews' much anticipated album and film short, "Die Probleem met Picasso" is in full swing. This Official Trailer gives the viewer a glimps into Matthews' highly experimental project set for release sometime later this year of 2009.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews accepts role in " The Walk in Darkness" as Directed by Anthony Lamarr.

Gerschweyn recently accepted a role in the horror film " The Walk in Darkness", as directed by Austin based Film Director and Screenplay Writer, Anthony Lamarr. Matthews plays a lab test subject who escapes from a US Government operated Genetics Lab facility. The charater then spreads a highly infectious viral decease which turn humans into flesh eating zombies. The film is currenlty in production and is shot on location in and around Austin, Texas.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Production on "Die Probleem met Picasso" / The Problem with Picasso" well on the way.

Production on Gerschweyn Matthews' "Die Probleem met Picasso / The Problem with Picasso" is going well. "Recording an album in a foreign country independantly is a lot of hard work... should pay off though. Baie dankie vir al die geduld en ondersteuning."

Primum Non Nocere
Gerschweyn Matthews

Friday, January 23, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews' Interview with Colombian Film Director Elizabeth Hong Released on Friday 23rd January 2009.

Gerschweyn Matthews is a singer, songwriter, pianist from Cape Town, South Africa. He is currently based in Austin, Texas (USA) recording material for his international debut after having released "Letter to Tom Cruise, " a controversial track and musical film short on his views and experiences with Scientology. After a number of requests from industry insiders and the music buying public a like, the illusive singer agreed to do an interview on "Letter to Tom Cruise" and his up coming album with Colombian film maker and friend Elizabeth Hong. Hong recently shot a video for "My Prozac Binge," (Produced by SA producer Zahier Bougus) a song Matthews wrote and recorded while in South Africa on love and loss. This exclusive footage presents the viewer with a front row seat too the creative process behind Gerschweyn Matthews' much anticipated album, "Die Probleem met Picasso" / "The Problem with Picasso".

Monday, January 19, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews - My Prozac Binge Music Video Out Now!

"My Prozac Binge" is a track Gerschweyn Matthews wrote back in South Africa about love and loss. The Official USA edit of the video has been released today...and is set to the South African recording of the track as Directed by Colombian Film Director, Elizabeth Hong and partner( Co- Producer) Daniel Montoya. The video was shot on a very cold day in Dallas Texas 21 December 2008 and features up and coming Croatian model / actress "Lipa". "My Prozac Binge" is set to feature on Matthews' 2009 USA Extended Play Kit, visual clips also being produced and directed by Hong and Montoya. Keep checking Gerschweyn Matthews Official for more info on the EPK and the production of his debut album set for release in 2009. Here in follows a link / Power Lunch Production, the creative team behind Matthews' latest video. Also here in included is a link to Matthews' "My Prozac Binge" Video / Youtube.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Croatian Actress / Model, "Lipa" Steams Up Gerschweyn Matthews' "My Prozac Binge" Video.

Gerschweyn Matthews recently finished work on a music video for "My Prozac Binge" a track that will be included on his EPK. The video was filmed in Dallas, Austin by Colombian Film Company, Power Lunch Productions and stars along side Matthews, Lipa, a renouned Croatian model / actress. Lipa is currently based in America working on some film and modelling work and is certainly going to be a hit with fans and critics judging by her steamy performance in "My Prozac Binge." The video is currently in post production and should be released within the next few weeks. Keep checking this official blog for more info on the video and the release date of Gerschweyn's EPK. Gerschweyn Matthews thanks Lipa for her amazing work and presence on this piece. He also thanks the Power Lunch Production team, Elizabeth Hong (Director / Producer) and Daniel Montoya (Co-Producer / Partner). Here follows a link to Power Lunch Production's Web Site;

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Gerschweyn Matthews!

South African born singer, songwriter, pianist, actor; Gerschweyn Matthews is celebrating his Birthday today on 09 Jaunuary 2009. He is spending time with friends eating carrot cake and probably watching a few scary movies... Keep checking this Official Blog for more info on the singer and the recording process of his much anticipated album, "Die Probleem met Picasso." For those of you can't wait, follow your heart's call and click yet again on "Letter to Tom Cruise" / Youtube version.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Die Probleem met Picasso" (The Problem with Picasso); Gerschweyn Matthews officially anounces the title to his highly anticipated new album.

"Letter to Tom Cruise" tells of the heart wrenching experience of a 6 year old boy struggling to come to terms with the suicide of his father. The boy, nicknamed Picasso blames a famous actor for the untimely death of his dad. Together the child and his therapist work through a series of dark and disturbing psychoanalytical sessions so as to uncover the reasoning behind Picasso's bizarre claim. Gerschweyn Matthews' highly controversial first single "Letter to Tom Cruise" sports a dark though quirky music video which presents Picasso's "pathology" in the form of drawings done during psychoanalyzes. "Die Probleem met Picasso" seeks to further explore the boy's world view with regards to coming to terms with this tragic event experienced so early in his life. Keep checking this official blog for more info on Matthew's exiting project.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews' guest slot on Tyson Eberly's Talk Show on 7th January 2009 postponed till further notice.

Gerschweyn Matthews will not be appearing on the popular Austin based talk show, Tyson Eberly's Talk Show on 7th January 2009. The singer and his management apologize for the short notice and site a bad throat infection for the reason behind the unfortunate cancelation. Matthews is to appear on the show to peform his controversial indie hit, "Letter to Tom Cruise" and have a discussion on his views on Scientology. The singer has been causing a stir on the net after having released his debut track and video in which he accuse Tom Cruise and Scientology for the suicide of a South African father to a 6 year boy. Keep checking this official blog for more info on when the interview with Tyler Eberly is taking place. Gerschweyn Matthews sends his condolences to the Travolta family with regards to their son "Jet" who passed away after having suffered from autsim, a mental condition not recognized by the Scientology Community.