Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gerschweyn Matthews' guest slot on Tyson Eberly's Talk Show on 7th January 2009 postponed till further notice.

Gerschweyn Matthews will not be appearing on the popular Austin based talk show, Tyson Eberly's Talk Show on 7th January 2009. The singer and his management apologize for the short notice and site a bad throat infection for the reason behind the unfortunate cancelation. Matthews is to appear on the show to peform his controversial indie hit, "Letter to Tom Cruise" and have a discussion on his views on Scientology. The singer has been causing a stir on the net after having released his debut track and video in which he accuse Tom Cruise and Scientology for the suicide of a South African father to a 6 year boy. Keep checking this official blog for more info on when the interview with Tyler Eberly is taking place. Gerschweyn Matthews sends his condolences to the Travolta family with regards to their son "Jet" who passed away after having suffered from autsim, a mental condition not recognized by the Scientology Community.

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