Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Die Probleem met Picasso Full Edition On The Way...

Die Probleem met Picasso Album is undergoing a face lift. A full edition is currently under construction and set for release in May of 2010. This rendition will feature digital and physical print issues and includes 5 more tracks including pieces written for the Picasso short film. Thanks for all the support.

Best; gerschweyn

"Die Probleem met Picasso" Digital Pre-Release Out Now!

Gerschweyn Matthews is a Remordernist Film Composer, Screen Writer, Singer - Songwriter. A Digital Pre-Release Edition of his Debut Album called "Die Probleem met Picasso" is out now on Itunes, Amazon and CDbaby!

Monday, March 29, 2010

"Die Antwoord" Tsjek Dit Uit!

South African band "Die Antwoord" is amazing! Great work guys, love the current album. The group is embarking on a World Tour and I really hope they visit Austin with the current set. Here is a link to their official site;

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thoughts on Remodernism...

I Think the Remordernists are right; "A true art is the visible manifestation, evidence and facilitator of the soul's journey. Spiritual art does not mean the painting of Madonnas or Buddhas. Spiritual art is the painting of things that touch the soul of the artist. Spiritual art does not often look very spiritual, it ...looks like everything else because spirituality includes everything."
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The Remodernism Manifesto

Regarding Composing for Film and Theater...

Music for film often proves hard to compose, especially so in the case of film projects that are about authentic and raw human experiences. I have found working with film director Gaia Farnam and composer / sound scaper DJ Pennington, that less is more. Film music should always play a supporting role relation to script..., cinematography and performance and must never be obtrusive unless so intended. At it's best, it fuctions as a supporting actor or narator with it's highest intention being just that. In illustration, here is a clip of Gaia Farnam's "The Soul Remains"; music composed and produced by DJ Pennington and myself.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Javier Martinez, Gerschweyn Matthews and Jason Magnuson are now "Texting Simone!"

Recording Sessions with Producer and BEAT Wizzard "Javier Martinez" is going great! We have decided to release this project under the outfit "Texting Simone" as the new songs are very much a colab effort between Javier and myself and "Die Probleem met Picasso Producer", Jason Magnuson. Keep checking this official blog for more info on the Electronic Trio "Texting Simone" and the production of the group's first release. Also be sure to check out my Facebook Page as well as Javier Martinez's and Jason Magnuson's for more info on the project! Jay Recently celebrated his 24th Birthday; Happy birthday Javier and hope you have a great year! Check out the Official "Texting Simone" Blog at;

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Luck Sharlto and District 9!

Sharlto Copley and the rest of the District 9 team; Good luck at the Oscars! Please hold thumbs for the team you guys as this is South African Cinema / World Cinema at it's best! Great Job Sharlto, Neil and Mr. Peter Jackson!