Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Film Composition Track, "Water Wings" now up on Myspace!

Happy to be working with composer / producer DJ Pennington on a new music project. New Film Composition Track (guitar and vocals) uploaded to Myspace called "Water Wings." Tailor made for the new Gladiator Film?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Inge Beckmann and Gerschweyn Matthews Colab!

Very happy and honored to be working with SA singer songwriter, Inge
Beckmann of Lark on a new track to feature on "The Starving Artist
and the Enchanted Vending Machine." Inge is my favorite singer
songwriter ever... closely behind Bjork. She sports most impressive
...vocals, deliciously dark and whimsical musicality and the mysterious
beauty of a thousand fallen Ahura. Um, you guys are in for a bloody

Gerschweyn Matthews

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Starving Artist and the Enchanted Vending Machine - Update!

Work on "The Starving Artist and the Enchanted Vending Machine" is going well. Thank you Jay Martinez, Jason Martins, Paul Seeds, Ymki van den Berg and Inge Beckmann for
working with me on the new concept piece about an Evil Record
Label Boss, a Starving Artist and a Magical (Persian) Vending...
Machine capable of transforming an emaciated + lame singer songwriter
into a Kick Arse Pop Star!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Joe "The Visualist" Harris and Gerschweyn Matthews Colab!

I'm very excited about working with film maker and video editor Joe The Visualist on "The Decapitation Peter Mueller." TDPM is a short film and film score project about a depressed writer who picks up a odd hitch hiker on route to his estranged family's house in "celebration" of his ailing mother's birthday. Harris is very much an "underground motion picture artist" currently getting much deserved attention for the trailer to his future release short called, "The Lonely Sound." Find more info on Joe Harris by visiting with him on Youtube, Facebook, Myspace, and Exposure Room.

Gerschweyn Matthews

New Role Demands Abs in 4 Weeks - HELP!

So I've been told to buff up a bit for the next
role I'm playing. As in Michael Cera
with abs sporting Danny Devito's height. Dee Ta is now my personal
trainer and together we'll hopefully sculpt me some killer abs in 4
weeks. I'm a little worried about the nudity, playing an emaciated
serial killer is awesome though. Hope my mother does not buy a ticket
to see this one...

Gerschweyn Matthews