Sunday, March 14, 2010

Javier Martinez, Gerschweyn Matthews and Jason Magnuson are now "Texting Simone!"

Recording Sessions with Producer and BEAT Wizzard "Javier Martinez" is going great! We have decided to release this project under the outfit "Texting Simone" as the new songs are very much a colab effort between Javier and myself and "Die Probleem met Picasso Producer", Jason Magnuson. Keep checking this official blog for more info on the Electronic Trio "Texting Simone" and the production of the group's first release. Also be sure to check out my Facebook Page as well as Javier Martinez's and Jason Magnuson's for more info on the project! Jay Recently celebrated his 24th Birthday; Happy birthday Javier and hope you have a great year! Check out the Official "Texting Simone" Blog at;

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